Roadmap is done

Well, at least of first version of it. We barely managed to put all the stories to make the new feature at the same functionality as the old one, so no wonder Claire looks disappointed 🙂

However, the team feels confident that we are capable to do more than that. Guess we’ll have to see after the first sprint for how it goes. The main worry is all the testing activities, but I am more optimistic (unrealistic?) about this.

Velocity estimation was done in two steps. First we took one story (a 1-point one) and split it into tasks, estimated each of these tasks, to arrive at a stunning total of 8 days (which would mean a velocity of 5). When looking at the story globally, everyone agreed that 4 days should be a max. So we reverted back to a “best guess” at velocity (10-13), which still looks a bit pessimistic to the team. Wait and see 🙂


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