Phase 1 of Scrum TAW project is terminated

Hi all the first phase of the scrum project is finished. The good news is that next week a phase 2 will start with new sprints to do and new user stories to implement.
During these final days of phase 1 we have done an internal assesment on what was fine with the Scrum methodology compared to the standard way of working.

Here the main points:

  1. Customer feedback all along
  2. Focus on features needed by the market
  3. Remove waste due to features not being developed
  4. Very well perceived by the customer
  5. Motivating, team spirit
  6. Productivity, efficiency (less time spent on sizing, spec, coordination)
  7. More freedom, team is empowered to devise solutions and take decisions -> More motivation. Team feels thus the owner of the feature, and not a simple executant of a task (notion of commitment)
  8. Work as a team, with a common objective, belong to a group
  9. knowledge sharing: learn more, on more various topics, knowledge on general on the product ->Can propose improvments
  10. Reactivity to changes
  11. Customer satisfaction, roadmap evolves during development
  12. Continuous improvement by the team via retrospectives (process, methodology, tools, etc.)
  13. Whole team in the same room
  14. Short-term commitment (pressure curb)
  15. No Parkinson law or Student syndrome
  16. Always work on new tasks (no lassitude)
  17. Team involvement during definition of functional needs
  18. Dev gets a global vision of the feature, which makes it easier to challenge the requirements, and propose more viable alternatives
  19. Marketing team has a better vision of how the product works, its shortcomings, the main area of improvements
  20. Integrate testing and quality much earlier, and done as part of the development cycle (as opposed to a verifying entity after the dev has been done)

Handover is started

We are in the second week of handover. During this sprint of 2 weeks we have only one user story to implement and then we have other general tasks as the delivery our CR to the integration stream. We have also some demos with teams impacted by our changes to show the new functionalities. Phase 1 of our first Scrum experience is almost finished.

Commitment of Sprint 6

Hi all, it’s the day of the demo. Here the sprint 6 commitment status.

Sprint 6 commitment

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