Impediments to agile

Just reading an article on things that impede agile… I share two points here (extracted from the original article):

  • Technical Practices

” …you cannot scale agile on crappy code, without collective code ownership and continuous integration – period, no debate!”

  • PMO

“The mother-ship of all agile impediments – actually not my quote!

A bit harsh? Well it depends.

A PMO that is steeped in governance that adds no value then absolutely! Gated controls are great provided they add value – have the requirements been signed by the Business, has the design been signed by the CTO, have you produced your weekly report, have you correctly RAG your Risks and issues. Mother-ship!

But a PMO that has made both the cultural and mindset shift to agile can be a huge enabler.”


3 Responses to Impediments to agile

  1. Hi David,

    This reminds of a post that we have published on PM Hut a few days ago. This one:

    PS: The PMO is by the most important asset Project Management has in any company.

    Hope you’ll have the change to read it!

    • Davide Noaro says:

      thanks for your comment. I read the article at PMHut, very interesting.

      About the PMO I agree that is an important asset, but in an agile company the role of PMO should change to provide the real added value. This change is not easy in companies that are transforming to agile where the PMO supported the organization’s sequential development process for years. This is why I agree with what is written in the article about PMO: if this change (change of contributions about people, project and processes) is not done and the PMO is “stepped in governance that adds no value” it could be the “mother ship of all agile impediments”. Otherwise yes, there is a great deal an agile PMO can bring to a company.

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