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What is an “espresso”?
The name espresso is Italian in origin. It was first coined around 1900 and, loosely translated, means a cup of coffee brewed expressly for you. Today, you will often find that people incorrectly pronounce or spell it “expresso”. “Espresso” coffee means also a short coffee that you drink quickly.

What is “AgileEspresso”?
“AgileEspresso” has been created in 2012 as personal blog on agile software development (why “Agile”). The original idea was that you could consider every article like an italian “espresso” coffee, a quick reading made expressly for you (why “Espresso”).

Is the blog only on Agile ?
No, the blog is not only on agile. Since the creation more categories have been added to the blog reflecting the evolving interests of the author. Today the main categories are  #agile, #management, #leadership, #personaldevelopment and #entrepreneurship. The common denominator is: “producing products that matter in the real, complex and uncertain world adding meaning to people’s work lives”.


Davide Noaro

Davide Noaro

I started my professional career in 2006 working as software engineer. Beginning of 2010 I had my first experience with Scrum and since then I focused my attention to agile software development considering it a more efficient way to develop software compared to the standard waterfall process. But the aspect I consider the most important is the humand side of agile software development. I consider agile software developement as one of the most robust expression of Motivation 3.0, when done well. Producing products that matter in the real, complex and uncertain world and adding meaning to people’s work lives. – My profile at Scrum Alliance

If you are interested in becoming a blogger at AgileEspresso you can contact me at davide(AT)agileespresso(DOT)com


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