The first Scrum experience

ScrumTeamDuring my first experience on Scrum we created a team’s blog. I put the posts here inside “AgileEspresso” because it’s a good reference on activities done by a Scrum team and because I like to remember the old good moments I spent together with all the members of the team on this amazing experience.

Extracted from the original blog:

The blog has been created for a personal wish to report our main Scrum activities and to be able to see the different phases of the Scrum process later in time. This blog can be used to have a quick view on our Scrum experience and to help you putting in place your first Scrum project too.

This blog was not done to provide an official report status during the project, it has been created just as a personal blog to share our experience with interested people.

Everybody in the Scrum team is an author of this blog and can publish, edit, and delete his posts and he will be the only responsible for his content during the whole life of this blog. Every member can contribute to a different view of the project following his thoughts or telling what is doing personally, so be free to express yourself if you want.”


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