Commitment of Sprint 6

Hi all, it’s the day of the demo. Here the sprint 6 commitment status.

Sprint 6 commitment


First demo and retrospective meeting

Today we did the first demo (sprint review meeting) of the functionalities developed so far. Unfortunately this morning when we arrived there was a bug on the demo server (we updated the last code just before leaving the evening before) , we fixed it before the meeting but we choose to do not show at all the user story “search the arranged trips” even if in any case it was not done. During the demo we found a problem on the story “search travellers” so our Product Owner decided to do not validate the story. There was just a little bug that we fixed in one minute in the afternoon but the impact was declared not acceptable to consider the story as done.

The afternoon was dedicated to the sprint retrospective meeting where we identified and analysed the points that should be done better and we put some new actions for the new sprint. The main points are related to:
– Test process
—- do a brainstorming session to identify the test at the start of the sprint
—- the person that write the tests is not the same that execute the tests
—- verify a story at the end by someone in a challenging way
– Done criteria
—- be more precise on the done criteria with more interaction between the team members and the PO

Sprint 1 – end of second week

Here we are, the second week is terminated (the first one where all the team is present). For the moment we officially achieved only 2 points on the 13 of the sprint but two other user stories have been completed today and we wait only the approval of Claire.

Next week we’ll have to complete the story to search the travellers (almost finished) and to do some work on the story to search the arranged trips. The demo is planned for Thursday… it will be a busy week so I think it’s better to recharge our batteries during this long weekend 😉 (Monday is vacation: ” lundi de pentecote”).  See you soon!

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