Estimating user stories

This second day was entirely dedicated to the estimation of user stories, always with our planning poker cards sure! For the first time we assigned the scary 30 story points card… not so much scary after all we have also the 100 one that nobody has played for the moment 🙂
In the morning, when we saw the guys entering in the office and announcing the whiteboard was there we thought “yes finally we have it!”, but the guys responsible to fix it didn’t have all the equipment with them… “no chance” as the French say


Start of SCRUM TAW project

2010-05-03 Today the SCRUM project is finally started! The big whiteboard requested was still missing but we started using the small temporary whiteboard, we have to be agile! 😉
Claire came to our office to help us gathering the user stories. Even if a list was already done by Claire we started a story-writing workshop with everyone writing as many user stories as he could on a post-it and putting it on the wall. We also identified user roles with a small brainstorming session. In the afternoon instead we started the famous “planning poker” to estimate the user stories identified.

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